Found cat in Dayton

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Found / Lost Found by VC the 11/15/2017
Name ?
Sex Unknown
Race -
Description Cat is fairly large. Looks like a cross between an Am. Short hair and something else white. Tough and somewhat aggressive though may just have been on the run a while. Top cat of feral community but clean and neat enough that it was probably someones pet not too long ago. Believed female but have not handled it. Hisses and swats whenever it is approached but will return a meow after it settles down. Would be a good barn cat.
Tatoo / Identification -
Found at 16205 SE Kreder Rd, Dayton, OR 97114, USA
Electronic tag false
Circunstances Cat just showed up some weeks ago hungry and scared; raiding trash and keeping to the shadows. So I started feeding it and asking around. It took a while to get it settled but it can be approached now for ID Contact me by text or leave phone message. I don't use Facebook or other sites. Sorry.
Place where the pet was found
Places where this cat may have been lost Lafayette, Saint Joseph, Dundee, Saint Paul, Sunnycrest, Unionvale, Eola Village, McMinnville, Carlton, Newberg
Found cat in Dayton

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