Found cat in Rotterdam

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Found / Lost Found by Sara Santos the 07/09/2016
Name ?
Sex Female
Race -
Description Female cat with green eyes and tortoiseshell coat. It has a collar with no name tag.
Tatoo / Identification -
Found at Nobelstraat, 3039 Rotterdam, Netherlands
Electronic tag false
Circunstances Me and my husband decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood late in the night. It was very late and soon as we start walking we noticed a cat that was following us. We walked for more or less 1h30 and went all around and the cat kept following us! He seemed lost and confused, scared from sudden noises. We also noticed that he was checking every single door (maybe trying to find his home?). When we arrived home, we opened the door and, for our surprise, the cat rushed inside!! We kept it for the night.
Place where the pet was found
Places where this cat may have been lost Overschie, Spangen, Hillegersberg, Schiebroek, Delfshaven, Kralingen, Kop van Zuid, Katendrecht, Terbregge, Feijenoord
Found cat in Rotterdam

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