Found cat in Aalborg

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Found / Lost Found by Desislava Ivanova the 04/17/2016
Name ?
Sex Male
Race -
Description The cat is male, ginger with greenish eyes. He seems really friendly and doesn't mind being petted. His fur is in good condition that led us to believe he is lost.
Tatoo / Identification -
Found at Nibevej 12, 9200 Aalborg SV, Denmark
Electronic tag false
Circunstances He is walking around the dorm house, often near the kitchens. He sneaked into my room and that was my first encounter with him. Other students had him come to their windows too
Place where the pet was found
Places where this cat may have been lost Sofiendal, Drastrup, Lere, Gammel Hasseris, Dall, Visse, Kærby, Gug, Hasseris, Frejlev
Found cat in Aalborg

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