Found cat in Chagrin Falls

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Found / Lost Found by Connie the 09/29/2015
Name ?
Sex Unknown
Race -
Description Brownish tiger strip and right hind leg is white and is wearing a blue collar. It is either a small or young cat.
Tatoo / Identification Blue Collar
Found at Fox Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023, USA
Electronic tag false
Circunstances Is anyone missing a young cat in the Auburn Twp/Ladue area? Small/young cat has been showing up for 2 nights now. Looks like it is a BROWNISH TIGER STRIPE (although it is dark outside when it shows up) with a BLUE COLLAR. I can't get close enough to take a picture or see if there are tags on the collar. I will be calling Rescue Village when they open to see if anyone has reported it missing. Ok, I got a closer look at the cat. It is a brownish tiger stripe and its right hind leg is white.
Place where the pet was found
Places where this cat may have been lost Troy Oaks Homes, Auburn Corners, Popes Corners, Mantua Corners, Julia (historical), Auburn Center, Mantua Center, Hiram, Welshfield, Mantua

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