Found cat in Ektorpsvägen, Nacka, Sweden - mix

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Found / Lost Found by Etienne the 08/03/2015
Name ?
Sex Male
Race mix
Description Male, brown tabby, green eyes, looks young (1-3 years old maybe), strong built, semi-long coat, face looks a little bit like a mix of Norwegian Forest or Maine Coon. Doesn't seem to be castrated. Both back paws are white. Shy but very affectionate and sweet.
Tatoo / Identification -
Found at Ektorpsvägen, Nacka, Sweden
Electronic tag false
Circunstances Hi, my name is Etienne, I found a male cat outside my apartment in Nacka (Ektorpsvägen, in front of Nacka Sjukhus) today that seems to be lost. He doesn't have any identification (no collar/tattoo) but was meowing constantly and appeared to be scared. After chasing him for some time with food he trusted me so I could feed and give him water. I tried to keep him on my balcony (I live on ground floor) but I have a female cat at home and he got scared when saw her through the window. So he hung out outside in the building patio for about 1 hour, I went out many times to check on him and he was waiting for me outside, very needy and asking for cuddles. I doubt he is just an outdoor cat because he was very clean and his fur was very nice, like he hasn't been out for long.
Place where the pet was found
Places where this cat may have been lost Skuruhall, Skuru, Lilla Nyckelviken, Saltsjö-Duvnäs, Mariehäll, Storängen, Nacka, Vikdalen, Blockhusudden, Saltsjö-Boo

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